Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Christmas Comic Con 2 (C3-2) is coming Dec. 1st to the St. Clair Centre for the Arts!

Check out a few pics of the AMAZING venue for our upcoming Christmas Comic Con 2 - The St. Clair Centre for the Arts: Canadian Club Skyline Ballroom - a venue SO grand, you can't even get it all in in just one shot! It's almost THREE-TIMES as much floor space as last year! Many thanks to Mr. John Fairley and St. Clair College for making this partnership possible. It's going to be a great show, gang: Finch! Fabok! Comics! Cosplay! And more! Spread the word! It all happens Sunday, Dec. 1st!! Christmas Comic Con 2!!



Friday, July 26, 2013

Meet the "Comic Book Syndicate" at Christmas Comic Con 2!

Hey, hey! It's the Comic Book Syndicate, everyone! C3-2 is pleased to announce that everyone's favorite band of super-friends (and super-reviewers) will once again make the Christmas Comic Con its collective home on Dec. 1st! Make it a point to stop by the Comic Book Syndicate table to say hello and thank them for their tireless efforts to publicize the medium we all love! ALSO - don't forget to catch the show on Windsor Cogeco Cable 11 every Friday at 11 p.m.; Saturday at 6:30/11 p.m. and Tuesday at 7 p.m. - or - visit for plenty of **PRE and POST-CON CHRISTMAS COMIC CON COVERAGE!** Welcome back Mike EL, G.i. Jolie, Dan, Maggie, George, Kyle, Kevin and the rest of the Syndicate crew!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rest in peace, Ken Cooke

Just going through some more work for the upcoming show - and came across the name of Ken Cooke, a dealer from last year's Merry Comic Book Christmas Con (and brother to artist Darwyn Cooke). For those who don't know, Ken passed away this past March. He was only 48-years-old. This illustration of Ken (by Tony Gray) is from the pages of The Incredible Conduit. Ken, a longtime Chrysler worker, actually became part of a Chrysler story line (inside The Incredible Conduit #2) as his very own self, eventually helping the Conduit defeat the evil Preston Todd and his Hubots. He loved being a comic book hero - as did I (having also appeared in the issue). That's how Ken and I first met, actually, at the issue's release party. Sadly, we were just becoming real life friends upon his untimely passing. Rest in peace, Ken. Sure wish we could have had many more conventions together. This year's Christmas Comic Con won't be the same without you.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DC Comics' artist David Finch, Dynamite Comics' Johnny D added to bill!

Okay, I've sat on this announcement long enough. You've asked for him - you've GOT him! Ladies and gentlemen . . . the man behind the upcoming "Forever Evil" series from DC Comics. . . fresh off his stint on JLA. . . and who can forget his epic run on The Dark Knight . . appearing at THIS YEAR'S Christmas Comic Con 2 . . . it is my honor and privilege to announce that . . .
In addition, C3-2 is also pleased to announced the addition of illustrator Johnny Desjardins to our bill! Hot on the heels of his stint on Dynamite Comics' Vampirella Strikes, Johnny D has also worked on books such as The Green Hornet, Robocop and Red Sonja. A returning guest, we're more than happy to have this talented artist back for another year. Please help me welcome back, Johnny D!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Detective Comics' artist Jay Fabok at C3-2!

Christmas Comic Con 2 (C3-2) is pleased to another announce special guest, none other than DC Comics' illustrator Jason Fabok! Currently the man behind the iconic Detective Comics, everyone involved with C3-2 is honored to have Jay (and lovely wife, Sarah) with us once again. Mark your calendars and spread the word! C3-2 is coming December 1st, gang! SHARE THIS EVENT, INVITE YOUR FRIENDS and STAY TUNED for more BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS in the coming weeks!

Announcing special guest Tony Gray!

Drum-roll, please . . . announcing just one of our very special guests -- Tony Gray of GlassMonkey Studios. The man behind the weekly syndicated strip/comic book "Tales of the Incredible Conduit" (and so much more - 'Like' the GlassMonkey Studios Inc. Facebook page for all the updates!) all of us are pleased to welcome Tony back for another year of Christmas Comic Con fun. It just wouldn't be the same without him.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Meet creator/artist April Fawler of GlassMonkey Studios' "Apes in the Woods"

 Announcing the FIRST special guest of this year's con - writer/illustrator April Fawler of GlassMonkey Studios Inc.! I'm very proud to have April back for C3-2, as not only was she one of the first to officially support my show last year, but - within mere months of A Merry Comic Book Christmas Con - is now a published pro with the all-ages adventure, "Apes in the Woods." Make a point to stop by and see April's fantastic work at the GlassMonkey Studios table on Dec. 1st - snag an autographed copy or two of "Apes in the Woods" - and heck, why not sit for a fun caricature, just for good measure. Welcome to the C3-2 lineup, Miss April Fawler!