Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DC Comics' artist David Finch, Dynamite Comics' Johnny D added to bill!

Okay, I've sat on this announcement long enough. You've asked for him - you've GOT him! Ladies and gentlemen . . . the man behind the upcoming "Forever Evil" series from DC Comics. . . fresh off his stint on JLA. . . and who can forget his epic run on The Dark Knight . . appearing at THIS YEAR'S Christmas Comic Con 2 . . . it is my honor and privilege to announce that . . .
In addition, C3-2 is also pleased to announced the addition of illustrator Johnny Desjardins to our bill! Hot on the heels of his stint on Dynamite Comics' Vampirella Strikes, Johnny D has also worked on books such as The Green Hornet, Robocop and Red Sonja. A returning guest, we're more than happy to have this talented artist back for another year. Please help me welcome back, Johnny D!