Saturday, November 30, 2013

Windsor, ON Christmas Comic Con 2 - Dec. 1, 2013 TOMORROW!!!


Windsor's Christmas Comic Con 2 (C3-2) is coming THIS SUNDAY - as in TOMORROW!!!! Dec. 1st to the St. Clair Center for the Arts! Meet DC Comics artists David Finch, Yanick Paquette, Jason Fabok, legendary Marvel Comics' artist Keith Pollard and Arvell Jones, plus GlassMonkey Studios Inc. Tony Gray and April Fawler and Dynamite Comics' Johnny Desjardins. 

More than 100+ vendor tables, COSTUME CONTEST, cartoons, coloring contest, Star Trek: The Band; toy drive, art contest, concessions, Santa Claus and more! 

All this for $5
with kids under 10 admitted FREE! 

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Directions to this AMAZING Windsor, Ontario
Christmas Comic Con 2 here:

Windsor Christmas Comic Con 2 - Parking Notes for the Dec. 1st Show

PARKING NOTES: Coming to Christmas Comic Con 2 (C3-2)? Street parking is free on Sundays; the lots down at the river (just east of the St. Clair College Centre for the Arts are only $2 for the whole day); and the parking garage behind the Centre on Pitt is just $6 for the day. All of these options mere steps away from the venue.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Windsor Christmas Comic Con 2 - Concessions - Why, Yes!

CONCESSIONS AT THE SHOW! WHY, YES! Pizza, burgers, fries and other tasty treats (including alcoholic beverages for those old enough to imbibe) available at the St. Clair College Centre for the Arts concession area, located through the southeast doors of the convention hall. Plenty of seating there as well - in addition to inside the St. Clair Alumni Skyline Room! Relax and enjoy the day at Christmas Comic Con 2 (C3-2)!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

C3-2 announces raffle prize: Heroes of London Comic Book Lover Shopping Spree + train fare!

ANNOUNCING OUR GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE ITEM for Christmas Comic Con 2!!! A prize so sweet, literally, it's sure to interest EVERY fan who comes to the con! Drum roll, please . . . It's a COMIC BOOK LOVERS SHOPPING SPREE at Southwestern Ontario's LARGEST comic book and collectibles shop - Heroes Comics of London - plus - we're paying for your train ride there and back!

All told - one lucky winner will WIN $250 (!!!) to spend as they wish inside more than 4,000 square feet of pop culture coolness, complete with a ridiculous amount of new and old comics, graphic novels, both new and vintage action figures, assorted sports cards and collectable card games, statues and novelty items - sure to suit any and all tastes!

And as if that wasn't great enough? We're ALSO including A $100 VIA RAIL GIFT CERTIFICATE TO GET YOU THERE AND BACK! Relax in comfort as you ride the rails up to the Forest City, dreaming of what awaits you at the other end. Then? Stretch out and enjoy your treasure trove of goodies on the ride home - all paid for!

TOTAL VALUE OF THE PRIZE PACK - $350!! BUT ONLY ONE PERSON WILL WIN!! COULD IT BE YOU!?! Raffle tickets will be available inside the convention hall at the registration/souvenir area for ONLY $5 EACH - or - 3 for $10!!

Special thanks to Brahm Wiseman, owner/operator of Heroes Comics, for supporting Christmas Comic Con 2 (C3-2) in such a BIG way by helping make this possible! Now . . . who wants to go shopping?! A show of hands, please?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Calling all southern Ontario, Michigan and Ohio comic book fans: C3-2 vendor list!

Vendor list for Christmas Comic Con 2 (C3-2)!  More than 100 tables of goodies in all - plus all our special guests and litany of events and contests! I truly went to great lengths to provide a little of, well, EVERYTHING for this show. I hope everyone likes the assortment.

Windsor Christmas Comic Con 2 - schedule of events

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Don't delay! Buy your Christmas Comic Con 2 VIP TICKETS today!

DON'T DELAY! BUY YOUR VIP TICKETS TO CHRISTMAS COMIC CON 2 TODAY! Have you bought yours yet? Only $25 gets you convention admission; a C3-2 program; a full-color limited-edition print perfect for all the guests to sign (pictured below); access to the exclusive after-party (with Jay Fabok; Yanick Paquette; Tony Gray; Johnny Desjardins and April Fawler) at GlassMonkey Studios Inc. - plus - a viewing of the Herbert Snow Original Comic Art Exhibit, containing pieces from some of the most-legendary names to ever work in the industry, including John Romita Jr.; Jerry Robinson; Gene Colan; Curt Swan; Dan DeCarlo; Dean Young; Russ Heath; Jim Raymond; Darwyn Cooke and more. Write for details on purchasing yours TODAY.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Toy Drive to benefit area children at Windsor Christmas Comic Con 2

Very happy to announce that C3-2 will be collecting new, unwrapped toys to benefit the 2013 Sparky's Toy Drive! Sparky himself will be on hand, too!  

Please - if you can - try your best to help out this worthwhile endeavor that strives to make sure no child goes without during this holiday season. Proud to be working with The Windsor Firefighters' Benefit Fund & The Salvation Army on this one. Cash donations will also be happily accepted.

*For those looking to donate ahead of time, drop-offs can be made at GlassMonkey Studios Inc. at 1378 Ottawa Street (upper). Write for more.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Windsor Christmas Comic Con 2 promo stop at the Windsor Express game at WFCU Centre

Promotion for the December 1st Christmas Comic Con 2 continued Nov. 17th, as Windsor Comic Cons and a sampling of its finest cosplayers appeared at the WFCU Centre during the Windsor Express' "Superhero Night" event. Applause all around for Leah Delisle; Sierra Delisle; Robert Middleton; Eric Bellmore; Benjamin McEachrane; Emma Fairley; Jordan Girard; Matthew Presello; George Des Rosiers; Jeff Griffiths and Dave Kucharski. Special thanks to Connie Day and everyone at the Windsor Express for making this happen, as well as Tony Gray of GlassMonkey Studios Inc. for the dynamite promo piece.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas Comic Con 2 - VIP PASSES! Details here - LIMITED TO 100 PASSES!!!

Christmas Comic Con 2 is pleased to announce our LIMITED-NUMBERED VIP PACKAGE! For only $25, each VIP will receive CONVENTION ADMISSION; one OFFICIAL SOUVENIR C3-2 PROGRAM; a LIMITED-EDITION PRINT made especially for the show; plus, a pass to the exclusive PRIVATE AFTER-CON PARTY at GLASSMONKEY STUDIOS! 

So what's at the after-party? Well, starting at 8 p.m., not only will you be able to hobnob with artists like YANICK PAQUETTE, JASON FABOK, TONY GRAY, JOHNNY D and APRIL FAWLER (in a relaxed atmosphere far removed from the frantic convention floor) but you'll also be one of the select few to view the amazing HERBERT SNOW ORIGINAL COMIC ART COLLECTION, on loan to GlassMonkey Studios specifically for the occasion!

See actual pieces of original art (NOT prints!) from some of the most-legendary names in the 

Write and reserve your VIP pass TODAY - again, only $25! Only 100 of these will be issued! Once they're gone - they are GONE.

Just added to Windsor's Christmas Comic Con 2: Star Trek: The Band!


Christmas Comic Con 2 is pleased to add a very special attraction to our already-stacked lineup: TWO performances by Star Trek: The Band who will be performing LIVE alongside Star Trek CARTOONS on the big screen! Very happy to add this collaborative, improvisational jam band to our bill. Check out their FB page at this link! 

Get ready, C3-2 attendees - for Star Trek: The Band!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Windsor Christmas Comic Con 2 - see pg 13 - Windsor Parent Magazine!

CLICK HERE and head over to page 13 to read Windsor Parent Magazine's great write-up on this year's Christmas Comic Con 2, coming to the St. Clair Centre for the Arts in downtown Windsor on Sunday, December 1st, overlooking the Detroit River. Hope to see you there!

Parents - bring the kids to C3-2 and get them hooked on reading: no batteries required! Best of all, children 10 and under get into the show for FREE! Anyone 11 and over? Only $5 admission.

More than 100+ vendor tables selling toys, comics, posters and collectibles; world-class comic book artists; Santa Claus; COSTUME CONTEST, make-your-own teddy bear; Sparky the Fire Dog will there, too! Much, much more!

Hope to see you Christmas Comic Con 2!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Windsor Christmas Comic Con 2 promo poster on display at St. Clair College

A pic of the super-cool, giant-sized posters proudly promoting Christmas Comic Con 2 currently hanging at St. Clair College. 

Hope to see you at the show, Sunday, Dec. 1st at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts in downtown Windsor, Ontario, right across from Detroit!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Michigan, Ohio, Ontario comic book, cosplay & pop culture fans - Windsor Comic Con Dec. 1st

Read all about the Dec. 1st Christmas Comic Con 2 at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts in downtown Windsor, Ontario (just across the bridge from Detroit, Michigan) by clicking here: Get your comic on at Comic Con 2 (as featured in The Windsor Star newspaper)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Turn your passion into a profession with St. Clair College's Tradigital Animation Program!

Like comics and cartoons? Love to draw? No better place to turn that passion into a profession than St. Clair College! Read all about its exciting Tradigital Animation program at this link, or, see the St. Clair College area at the upcoming Christmas Comic Con 2 - featuring two St. Clair Alumni Association members of THIS very program: Jason Fabok and April Fawler!

Remember! Christmas Comic Con 2 is coming Dec. 1st to the St. Clair Centre for the Arts in downtown Windsor, Ontario - right across from Detroit, Michigan. Meet DC Comics artists David Finch; Yanick Paquette and Jason Fabok; legendary Marvel Comics artist Keith Pollard; longtime All-Star Squadron penciller Arvell Jones; GlassMonkey Studios' Incredible Conduit artist Tony Gray; Dynamite Comics artist Johnny Desjardins and more! Cosplay Costume Contest; more than 100 vendor tables; panel discussions; cartoons; live band and more! *Admission only $5 - Kids under 10 admitted FREE!* Presented in partnership with St. Clair College!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I’m pleased to announce our official moderator for the guest panels at this year’s Christmas Comic Con 2 – a true gentlemen, scholar, illustrator, painter, published poet/ writer and dyed-in-the-wool comic book fan.

A graduate of the University of Windsor with a B.A. in Fine Arts and a Master of Education, this man taught locally at the elementary and secondary school level for 41 years, including 16 as head consultant for a math and science curriculum department.

In addition, he was also one of the founders and first president of the Windsor Essex County Comic Collectors Club (WECCCC, est.1985) where, as a volunteer, he served as instructor and mentor to attendees of all ages at the Windsor Public Library by presenting segments on the history of the medium; examinations of the themes held within; and the publication of a newsletter made-up entirely of club member contributions (including those of a young Mike Michalski). In addition, the club also organized trips to various animation festivals and area comic book conventions.

His painted works have exhibited locally, he is a member of several poetry groups, and has also published Zapped by Design, Zithered by Wit – a collection of 160 poems that likewise includes 60 of his own illustrations.

A confirmed bibliophile and pop-culture buff, ladies and gentlemen, with great pleasure, I announce as our moderator, Mr. Roy James.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Meet Detective Comics artist Jason Fabok at Windsor Christmas Comic Con 2 Dec. 1st!

Any aspiring artists out there looking for a direct inspiration? Look no further than the career of one of Christmas Comic Con 2's very special guests, Mr. Jason Fabok. From humble, high school sketches to the Tradigital Animation course at St. Clair College to Aspen Comics and eventually full-time at DC Comics (where he currently pencils Batman in Detective Comics, the company's flagship title) don't miss this chance to meet Jay up-close and personal on Dec. 1st. With his ever-increasing schedule, these type of appearances are becoming fewer and farther-between for Jay. In fact, he's only doing three shows this entire year. C3-2 is honored to be one of them. Make a point to stop by and meet him (and his lovely wife Sarah) during this rare venture from his Batcave, located at an undisclosed location somewhere in Essex County.