Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Meet Detective Comics artist Jason Fabok at Windsor Christmas Comic Con 2 Dec. 1st!

Any aspiring artists out there looking for a direct inspiration? Look no further than the career of one of Christmas Comic Con 2's very special guests, Mr. Jason Fabok. From humble, high school sketches to the Tradigital Animation course at St. Clair College to Aspen Comics and eventually full-time at DC Comics (where he currently pencils Batman in Detective Comics, the company's flagship title) don't miss this chance to meet Jay up-close and personal on Dec. 1st. With his ever-increasing schedule, these type of appearances are becoming fewer and farther-between for Jay. In fact, he's only doing three shows this entire year. C3-2 is honored to be one of them. Make a point to stop by and meet him (and his lovely wife Sarah) during this rare venture from his Batcave, located at an undisclosed location somewhere in Essex County.