Tuesday, November 26, 2013

C3-2 announces raffle prize: Heroes of London Comic Book Lover Shopping Spree + train fare!

ANNOUNCING OUR GRAND PRIZE RAFFLE ITEM for Christmas Comic Con 2!!! A prize so sweet, literally, it's sure to interest EVERY fan who comes to the con! Drum roll, please . . . It's a COMIC BOOK LOVERS SHOPPING SPREE at Southwestern Ontario's LARGEST comic book and collectibles shop - Heroes Comics of London - plus - we're paying for your train ride there and back!

All told - one lucky winner will WIN $250 (!!!) to spend as they wish inside more than 4,000 square feet of pop culture coolness, complete with a ridiculous amount of new and old comics, graphic novels, both new and vintage action figures, assorted sports cards and collectable card games, statues and novelty items - sure to suit any and all tastes!

And as if that wasn't great enough? We're ALSO including A $100 VIA RAIL GIFT CERTIFICATE TO GET YOU THERE AND BACK! Relax in comfort as you ride the rails up to the Forest City, dreaming of what awaits you at the other end. Then? Stretch out and enjoy your treasure trove of goodies on the ride home - all paid for!

TOTAL VALUE OF THE PRIZE PACK - $350!! BUT ONLY ONE PERSON WILL WIN!! COULD IT BE YOU!?! Raffle tickets will be available inside the convention hall at the registration/souvenir area for ONLY $5 EACH - or - 3 for $10!!

Special thanks to Brahm Wiseman, owner/operator of Heroes Comics, for supporting Christmas Comic Con 2 (C3-2) in such a BIG way by helping make this possible! Now . . . who wants to go shopping?! A show of hands, please?