Thursday, August 14, 2014

Help support W.E. Care for Kids with Windsor Super Summer Comic Con **DOLLAR RAFFLES!**

In lieu of admission to our Super Summer Comic Con, we kindly encourage all attendees to please support our **DOLLAR RAFFLES** a portion of which will be donated to the W.E. Care for Kids Foundation! 

TICKETS ONLY $1 each, 6/$5 or 15/$10!

Here's ANOTHER GREAT item YOU COULD WIN, courtesy of one donor who has chosen to remain anonymous.

WOW! A Mezco MIB 18" HELLBOY figure that is just AMAZING! YES! I said 18" - that's a FOOT-AND-A-HALF of HELLBOY!!! Get a load of this, fans! Wanna win it? 


Wait! There's more, these prizes courtesy of one of our very special guests, Mr. J. Torres: three - count'em - three great bunches of comics perfect for all-ages, including an assortment of Archie Comics, Sonic/Megaman and Teen Titans GO! Thanks, J! 

In addition, fellow special guest Sam Noir has kindly donated a set of three cool prints! Thanks Sam!

Not to be outdone, we also have a fantastic contribution from comics creator James Marontate: A hand-signed, limited/deluxe first edition of Super Space Boy Adventures Chapter 1, containing a set of 4 limited-edition color prints! It includes the complete first chapter of Super Space Boy Adventures, written and illustrated by James himself and is numbered for authenticity. Only 50 of this first-run were published - and only 20 sets of prints made! Thanks, James!

Finally, we ALSO will have some of the fine work of artisan Liana Anselmo up for grabs as well, including a handmade Deathly Hallows inspired bracelet, along with a pair of glass, Superman comic book clip art earrings - and - a glass Hulk comic book clip art necklace. Great stuff! Thanks Liana!