Saturday, May 9, 2015

Windsor Comic Con's Super Summer Comic Con - July 5th - meet artist Jason Moore!

Windsor Comic Cons is pleased to welcome another new face for our 2015 shows – artist Jason Moore – who will appear at the July 5th Super Summer Comic Con 2 at Windsor, Ontario's Caboto Club – has worked for Marvel; DC; Dark Horse; Chaos!; Malibu; Arrow and Calibur Press, including the majority of the time inking over pencillers Kyle Hotz and Kelley Jones. His many credits include titles such as The Incredible Hulk; Batman Haunted Gotham; Spiderman: Osborn Journals; Realm of the Dead; Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie adaption of Sleepy Hollow; Evil Ernie: Destroyer; Leatherface; Halloween; The Dead; Angel/Buffy and Vertigo’s The Crusades. He is currently working on a 132-page graphic adaptation of the Book of Revelation (with Hotz) that will be published by Kingstone Media. In addition, he will also be working on a cover with Steven Bissette of Swamp Thing fame. Please welcome Jason Moore!

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