Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Windsor Comic Con VIP PARTY with Steranko, Finch, Fabok, Kenny Hotz & more!!!

How Superstar VIP Party with, well, EVERYBODY - including Jim Steranko as official guest speaker (spinning tales of the Silver Age, Marvel Comics, Bob Kane and more!) as well as EVERY OTHER GUEST on our Christmas Comic Con 4 bill - David Finch! Jason Fabok! Meredith Finch! Kenny Hotz! J. David Spurlock! Power Rangers Kevin Duhaney and Jeff Parazzo! Land of the Dead's Eugene Clark! Artists Jason Moore & Tony Gray! 
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It's all happening Saturday, Nov. 28th at GlassMonkey Studios in Windsor, ON from 6-10 p.m.!

Only 100 tickets available - and once they're gone? THEY'RE GONE!

Hear from a true legend himself, STERANKO, who promises to come locked-and-loaded and holding nothing back, inside an intimate, private party with a bevy of other superstars from the world of comics, TV and film!

PLUS! The Superstar VIP Party ALSO includes a showing of the Herbert Snow Comic Book Legends Original Art Exhibit, featuring pieces from a who's who of comic book history, including Steve Ditko! John Romita Sr.! Curt Swan! Jerry Robinson! Gene Colan! John Buscema! Russ Heath! And many, many more!!

Each Superstar VIP Party ticket ALSO includes a numbered, limited-edition 11 x 17 full color JIM STERANKO PRINT made especially for Christmas Comic Con 4!!! PLUS!!! Front-of-the-line admission to the con the next day on Sunday, Nov. 29th at the Caboto Club! 

Includes catering by DragonFly Sushi! Live DJ! Door Prizes! Cash bar!

Do NOT miss this once-in-a-lifetime event - only from Windsor Comic Cons! Remember - only 100 tickets are available for this amazing party!!

Write mikefreelance@gmail.com to order your tickets NOW!!!