Saturday, March 19, 2016

NEW SHOW! RetroRama Oct. 30th Windsor Caboto Club

Announcing: Oct. 30th at Windsor’s Caboto Club - the debut of our brand NEW show: RetroRama!

Windsor Comic Cons and GlassMonkey Studios present a pop culture show unlike any other, offering classic celebrities from the worlds of TV, music, film and more - including an epic array of collectible merchandise and attractions such as comic books; movies; vinyl records; vintage clothing; t-shirts, posters; jewelry; classic cars; arcade games and more!

PLUS! Come decked out in your favorite costume or retro clothing - ALL eras encouraged!!

It's a show highlighting all the things you used to love - and still do!
Several BIG announcements to come! It'll be a Hallo-a-good time as we rock the Caboto the day before Halloween - so spread the word!!
RetroRama, Sunday, Oct. 30th at the Caboto Club!