Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Meet both 'Kenny vs Spenny' stars at Windsor’s RetroRama, Oct. 30th!

You wanted them - you got them! Kenny AND Spenny, BOTH comedic icons appearing TOGETHER at RetroRama Classic Collectibles Con, Sunday, Oct. 30th at Windsor, Ontario’s Caboto Club: Kenny Hotz, one-half of the legendary Comedy Central TV show, 'Kenny vs Spenny' - complete with his arch-nemesis, Spencer Rice!

Hotz, who can currently been seen on Vice TV, has also served as a writer for South Park, along with creating/starring in the FX series 'Testees' and, 'Kenny Hotz: Triumph of the Will.' Rice, meanwhile, is likewise a writer, director, producer, musician as well as comedian, with further credits such as 'Confessions of a Porn Addict;' 'Single White Spenny;' and 'X Rayted.'

Are you ready for BOTH Kenny AND Spenny, Windsor? You've been warned!