Thursday, July 28, 2016

RetroRama Classic Collectibles Con to aid two local Windsor charities!

Retrorama Classic Collectibles Con  (Sunday, Oct. 30th; Caboto Club; Windsor, Ontario) will be an event (as were all of the original Windsor Christmas Comic Cons and Super Summer Comic Cons) unlike any other staged here before! 
RetroRama is a chance for us to bring together artists, vendors of vintage memorabilia, live performances, current celebrities & also deeply rooted celebrities from our youth in one AFFORDABLE show. It's a show for Windsor - put on by a couple of LOCAL Windsor guys who were born here and continue to be a part of the community year round!
As with all the original Windsor Comic Con events dating back to 2012, RetroRama will be donating a percentage of EVERY admission purchased for our event to LOCAL charities.
RetroRama is about memories: remembering the comics, television shows, movies, toys, the people --- especially the people--- that made growing up so much fun! RetroRama is also about creating new memories for young and old alike.
With these thoughts in mind, we have decided to choose not just one, but two, outstanding Windsor based charitable organizations to join forces with. A full 20% ($2.00) of your $10 admission fee will go directly to these very worthy LOCAL groups!
Our first recipient organization this year is the Alzheimer Society of Windsor & Essex County. What could be more fitting for an event that bases itself on our sense of nostalgia than for us to contribute to an amazing organization that assists those who suffer the loss of such cherished memories. Through their many programs and educational services the Alzheimer Society of Windsor & Essex County offers information, practical advice and support for people and their families living with dementia.
As we mentioned earlier, creating memories is as important to us at RetroRama and remembering the 'good old days'! It's our hope that all the kids who enjoy our show will have new memories that will stay with them throughout their lives. Unfortunately, there are kids who just aren't well enough to come out and enjoy the things that many of us take for granted. We're blessed in our community to have a fantastic organization that remembers those kids--- our other featured recipient, the Ronald McDonald House!
Recently, on May 6th, 2016 Canada's first Ronald McDonald House-within-a-Hospital ®, Ronald McDonald House Windsor opened inside the Met Campus of Windsor Regional Hospital. This home-away-from-home will continue their mission to keep families close to their seriously ill or injured child receiving care in WRH.
RetroRama, with your help, couldn't be more honoured to be able to help in a small way by donating to these amazing Windsor organizations!
We ask that beyond your generous contributions to these organizations through your admission purchase, that you take the time to visit their areas at the event and learn about what makes them so special to our community!
As you watch the list of guests and vendors grow each week keep in mind that by attending RetroRama you'll be putting back into the community. We bet it will be among the most fun times you'll ever have doing something good!
(For more information on these two organizations check out their web pages at -  and )
- Mike & Tony