Monday, August 1, 2016

RetroRama Classic Collectibles Con: meet legendary artist Keith Pollard, Oct. 30th in Windsor, ON!

Windsor, Ontario's RetroRama Classic Collectibles Con (Oct. 30th - Caboto Club) attendees! Prepare to welcome a man legendary in the comic book industry for his prolific run on multiple Marvel Comics titles (many - at the SAME TIME!) not to mention co-creating the alluring Black Cat! This talented Detroit-area artist can count runs on books such as Amazing Spider-Man; Thor; Fantastic Four and Astonishing Tales (with Deathlok) to his credit - not to mention Iron Man; The Eternals and Marvel Universe; plus, DC Comcis's Green Lantern and Vigilante among many, many others!

Ladies and gentlemen, Windsor Comic Cons and GlassMonkey Studios proudly welcome Mr. Keith Pollard to our bill! Don't miss this chance to meet this true industry legend - Keith Pollard - right here in Windsor!

**SPECIAL OFFER! Mr. Pollard is booking commissions NOW for RetroRama! Order your ONE-OF-A-KIND fully pencilled/inked cover recreations, sketches and more - ANY CHARACTERS YOU CHOOSE - and pick up your ORIGINAL ART at RetroRama! Message for full details@**