Monday, August 15, 2016

Windsor Comic Cons' & GlassMonkey Studios' RetroRama Classic Collectibles Con: FREE guest panels with Dr Stevil!

Who's ready for the grooviest, most-EVIL guest panel discussions to ever hit a Windsor Comic Cons' event?! Get ready for Windsor's RetroRama Classic Collectibles Con's FREE question-and-answer sessions with the one-and-only Dr Stevil - the irreplaceable Entertainer and YouTube personality known for his channel, Chatting With Stevil!

RetroRama Classic Collectibles Con - Sunday, Oct. 30th at Windsor’s Caboto Club!

The Doctor combines his journalism and entertainment skills to interview personalities such as Cosplayers, Comic Book Artists, Writers, Entertainment Legends, and Professional Wrestlers, putting a unique twist on his videos by adding a comedic element to his interviews along with his passion and excitement on the subject matter.

Dr Stevil is a regular attendee at many conventions and expos in the southern Ontario, Calgary and Quebec. He is also an accomplished world traveler, videographer, photographer and editor whose work is featured on the Captain Canuck Animated Series DVD. The Bonus Features include his video chronicle of the project from start to finish.…/captain-canuck-fools-gold

“The Doctor looks forward to bringing his show live  to Retrorama in Windsor, Ontario as part of the Celebrity panel Q and A. See you there.  Mwa ha ha ha ha ha.”